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Kayaking with Whales and Turtles…ON MAUI… February 25, 2010

Whoaa!! Check out the whale encounter we had a few weeks back…

It was an absolutely MAGICAL day -On Maui…

Our friend Jim was visiting from Az and Mike & Trish took us kayaking….it was our LUCKY day!

I put together a video of our Adventure~ Check it out below~ Make sure your speakers are on…

I dunked the cam and you can HEAR them!!!! Amazing….

Man!!! All that excitement is sure to make you feel alive!!


And DOUBLE THANKS to Mike & Trish for showing us this part of Maui and giving us this experience. WE LOVE U!!!

PS: If the video has problems playing, push pause, let it load for 30 sec- 1min, and push play again… that should work.

You can also expand the video to full screen by clicking the button on the bottom right with the four arrows/click Escape to minimize it~xoxoxoxo~ Enjoy the Whale Encounter!!!!


4 Responses to “Kayaking with Whales and Turtles…ON MAUI…”

  1. joseph Says:


    Maieta in AZ passsed your contact info on to me.I’m on Oahu now and heading that way.Would like to cjeck out the cafe and do some Kayaking to.Originally Maieta thought we might be of some service as I’m a professional tye dye artist and promoying my wears while on the islands.

    Video was great !


  2. Rhonda Says:

    Mahalo for the beautiful video. Just like being there. Love you guys.

  3. John Simon Says:

    Hey Kids,

    Just dropping in to say hello… I just returned from a week in Cabo. I took 5 days out to recharge the battery a smidgen…(clearly it was not long enough)..

    Miss you both.


  4. natalya Says:

    That was totally enjoyable video. Beautiful music. Wather is so blue ad clean! I felt like I was almost meditating watching it. You are so lucky that you live there. I am very happy for you !

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