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How to Make Noni Juice from “The Tree of Life” May 12, 2010

So we have recently come across an interesting fruit here on Maui. Its history is rich and varied. It is called Noni. And it goes back as far as 2,000-3,000 years. Ancient Polynesians knew this tree as “The Tree of Life” and is very treasured as a healing tonic. It has a slew of health benefits that are used on ailments that range from cough, nausea and sprain, to bone fractures, dislocations, skin disorders, hypertension, stomach ache, diabetes, loss of appetite, urinary tract ailments, abdominal swelling, hernias, and vitamin A deficiencies. And many more!!!

It is highly regarded in the Hawaiian tradition. There is a ton of intriguing info out there on Noni. But be cautious of using any sugary, fruity noni concoctions. The healing benefits are in the bark, leaves, fruit and 100% juice of the Noni.

We actually went through the entire process of picking, fermenting and finally tasting the Noni. A process that takes 2 months! We had to share this most fascinating tropical fruit. Thanks to our friend Troy for letting us pick from his tree! 🙂 Mahalo!        And enJOY~

<—–Chris eating from the Noni Tree of Knowledge-

PS- If you click on the 4 arrows below the video, it will enlarge to Full Screen- Press Esc to minimize it back.


5 Responses to “How to Make Noni Juice from “The Tree of Life””

  1. Norma Shrout Says:

    good morning Chris and Sarah, the noni fruit looks kind of like prickly pear, I have a patch of psoriasis, and have tried so many things, from Doctor’s prescriptions to natural creams, I will try noni juice, I’m going to try to find fresh fruit here in Cincinnati and ferment my own. Chris, have you found anyone who uses the fruit topically as well as congesting the juice? I love all your sharing with us new things that you are learning , keep them coming please, love to you both- Cincinnati Norma

    • Hi Norma,
      I am not sure if you can get fresh Noni in Cincinnati but if you do a Google search for Hawaii Noni juice 100%
      You should be able to order it on line. I am all out of Noni juice so sad not sure if it works for Psoriasis, I wouldn’t see why not.
      I am experimenting with apple cider vinegar for my eczema. I take it 3 times a day 1 table spoon in a glass of water.
      So far so good.
      I will let you know

  2. Hilarious pic of Chris… You guys are awesome, thanks for all the great info! mahalo ~ RAGEN

  3. Norma Shrout Says:

    good morning, thanks for reply Chris, will try the vinegar also- love you two – hagd new friend Norma

  4. Diana (Ohio) Says:

    Hey C&S,

    Your video clips are awesome!!

    I really LOVED this one because I enjoy finding out the original way people grew, harvested, prepared, ate or utilized foods and herbs long before the industrial era came along. Things that I can do right here at home. So many of these things have become a lost art.

    There are WAY TOO MANY claims of a food or herb being so good for you, then people invest their time and money and find no real results. After much research or digging, I find that vital info has been conveniently left out of those claims. I guess the first thing that pops into my head would be the claim that soy is so good for you. Suddenly it showed up in everything and we are finding out now that it really isn’t good for us at all. All of the claims were actually based on properly FERMENTED soy used in small amounts, but that information was left out. I suspect maybe the same thing has happened with the noni juice, it should probably be fermented and not pasturized to have the best effects on the body.

    Hope you continue to dig for this kind of interesting info and please continue sharing your adventures and finding!!!
    Chris, I love the fact that you are brave enough to try things right in front of our eyes and then give us your honest opinion, it’s PRICELESS.

    Diana (Ohio)

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