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Tye Die Yogi Visits Maui + Appreciating Friends May 25, 2010

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Don’t you just love when amazing connections are made. And you find a new, true friend when you are least expecting it? It doesn’t happen enough. And when it does, it is powerful! Well, we had that happen to us with a very special person recently. We have a friend in Arizona (an amazing Yoga Instructor) Maieta. She made the connection between a friend of hers from up state NY, Joseph, a.k.a “Tye Die Yogi”,  and us here on Maui. She “introduced” us and we met him when he came out for a visit back in March.  Thanks Maieta for the new friend! We had  a blast! He has been making Tye Die for years and is absolutely amazing with it (as you will see in the slideshow below). He is on quite the journey and we are so glad to have crossed paths with him. He fit right in here on the island and touched many people while he was here. We just wanted to put a blast out to Joseph and share some cool pics we got while he was here. Thanks Joseph for all that philosophizin’, you handsome little bearded monk seal! LOL. Plus, we got to go scuba diving, paddle boarding, swimming and even got a tie dye lesson. (trust me, its harder than it looks!)  And thanks Joseph for reminding us to be grateful for our true friends. They really are rare and should be appreciated. If it weren’t for friends where would we be?!?!!? So here is a friendly reminder to tell your friends how much you love and appreciate them. We think its important and probably not done enough.

So thanks to ALL of our true friends! We LOVE you tons! You are very important us.

PS. Heard a great quote that we loved, “A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.” ….. Somethin’ to think about….


11 Responses to “Tye Die Yogi Visits Maui + Appreciating Friends”

  1. maieta Says:

    you two are so sweet. I loved the shout out and the montage. I was crying with joy and laughter. So good to see you all getting along so well and having so much fun. I can’t hardly wait to have that kind of fun with you all. Though, Joseph is a pretty special kinda someone eh? Love you all, Maieta

  2. Michelle Says:

    I Love you two!!!!!!!!! =) I can’t wait to see you. Lovin the bloggy blog

  3. trish Says:

    You guys are the greatest…always a kind word of encouragement, and inspiration…and LAUGHTER…so glad to call U both true friends

  4. John Simon Says:

    Hey kids, miss you both and love you most… 🙂

  5. Rhonda Says:

    Loved the slide show..

  6. Rosie Says:

    I am so grateful to be your friend!!! This brought a huge smile to my face – Thanks!! I look forward to our next extra-ordinare’ dinner at my house!!

    xxoo Rosie

  7. Diana (Ohio) Says:

    I’m so inspired whenever I watch you guys, it’s like the energy around me lifts and I want to put that energy into action. Seems like everyone you come into contact with leaves blessed, I know thats how I feel!!

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