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Chris’s Paddle Adventure May 26, 2010

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Chris paddles 8 miles from Maliko Gulch to Kanaha for a trial run of the upcoming Olukai Stand Up Paddle Race…

Check out the adventure…

Click the picture below to watch the video~


4 Responses to “Chris’s Paddle Adventure”

  1. Norma Shrout Says:

    good morning Kids, Chris you are awesome! You took an opportunity to do something new, and in the process not only enjoyed new experience, but learned a new lesson besides, isn’t the journey exuberating? Your scenery there is so beautiful, thanks to you and Sarah for taking me there this morning. Love to you both- always- Norma

  2. holly Says:

    SweeeeT Bra!!!
    That looks awesome I want to try!I love love love these vids makes me so excited to think about when I get out there to see you!Miss you bunches!Aloha!

  3. jo mama Says:

    way cool video. chris it looks like you had so much fun. You too Sara! I can’t wait to come back and visit again.

  4. Diana (Ohio) Says:

    Oh how I long to be on a beach again. While watching the video, I think I could smell the salt in the air!! Thanks for bringing a little piece of paradise into my living room. You guys Rawk!!!

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