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Butterfly Effect June 16, 2010

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A couple of months ago I experienced an awesome water event that took place here on the North Shore of Maui. A friend of ours Tatiana Howard, together with her friend  Juliana Shelef, holds an event, a” worldwide water woman movement – promoting women and ocean sports”.  The Butterfly Effect basically brings women together FOR TONS O FUN celebrating the love of the ocean and watersports !! There are women of all ages and skill sets that get together for a group joy ride down the coast!! It is sooo awesome!  I did the Stand Up Paddle board but there were windsurfers and kitesurfers as well.

We all gathered at Hookipa Beach in the morning for some good stretching, a Hawaiian Blessing, a release of butterflies, and then took a paddle (or a kite or a sail) down the beach to Kanaha. Since it was windy and wavy that day we decided to launch at Sprecks instead. I had an absolute blast!!! It was gnarly though!! You can’t tell from the pics… it looks all serene, but it was hard! There is a current, waves, and wind!

Seing as we have only paddled for fun in mellow conditions, this was a big deal for me. I almost didnt go at the last minute, but I am sooooooo glad I did!

Thanks to the photographers  Nate Volk, Batel Shimi, Jimmie Hepp and Dan Rayburn; by helicopter, Kevin Pritchard; and video from both land and sea, Jonas Marpot.

MAHALO  for the great pics. You guys really captured the joy we all experienced that day!

I put together a little vid of the day.  Enjoy~          

I just think it is so awesome to see women putting together events like these! Tatiana did a great job putting this together.  You can check out her site here:


The Butterfly Effect began in Hawaii in 2007 by water women, Tatiana Howard and Juliana Shelef.  Since then, the founders have flown around the world to organize affiliated events in Brazil, New Zealand, France, Oregon, Germany, Tahiti, Dominican Republic and Australia, and hundreds of international women have joined the movement…

More info here:


Wishing you a beautiful day~

Lots of Love~ Sara

PS- Check out the shot of this Monarch Butterfly I got in Hana one day!!!        


3 Responses to “Butterfly Effect”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    Loved the Video — Beautiful Event!

  2. Norma Shrout Says:

    Sara you rock Honey! I’m so glad you did this also- such a beautiful experience- thanks for “taking me with you”. watched this with my smoothie this am- great start to my day here in Cincinnati- give my love to Chris too- hagd

  3. Sharon Says:

    Lovely video! I just joined their Facebook group. So the key to being slim and having a good life must be to live in Hawaii!

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