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Random Fun on Maui July 1, 2010

Filed under: For Fun — rawkyourhealth @ 3:12 pm

Aloha! I was putting together pictures of my friend Stephanies trip out here and decided to post it. We had SO much fun and saw sooo much beauty I just had to share. From Secret Beaches and Bamboo Forests, swinging vines in Hana, and a Monk Seal on Red Sands!!!! You are sure to enjoy the lovely blast of Maui. I know we did!

Sending lots of love

Chris & Sara

(Click the pic to view slideshow)


2 Responses to “Random Fun on Maui”

  1. Flanman Says:

    My computer currently reads 8:33pm 104 degrees um joy


  2. Norma Shrout Says:

    wow- so gorgeous! Happy 4th of July kids. Take Care- always- Norma

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