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Grow Your Own Food August 24, 2010

Aloha! Having fun in the garden again…

We just planted a ton O’ seeds the other day. I love growing our own food. Not only is it so freeeekin tasty, Whoa! It is just sooo awesome to watch as you place a tiny little miniscule seed into dirt, add water and some sunshine (and love) and it transforms before your very eyes into a large beauteous LIVING nutrition providing plant!!!! I am just astounded! 🙂

We planted lettuce, purple cabbage, kale, 3 different chards, tomato, broccoli, collards, cilantro, chiles, and even a few different flowers. We also transplanted lilikoi, mint, papayas, night blooming jasmine and lavender. It is amazing how easy it really is. We filled some containers with dirt, poked a few holes into it and filled em with seeds! Within a week we will see sprouts on some of them. I can’t believe how fast they grow – and soon we get enjoy the yumminess and make some amazing food with our bounty!

Click below for video

We made a little video to share as we planted and transplanted~ hope you enjoy~

Lots of love ~ Chris & Sara


4 Responses to “Grow Your Own Food”

  1. jo mama Says:

    hey,never mind. i figured it out. i loved the video. thanks for my little piece of paradise!!

  2. Norma Says:

    Good morning kids- thanks for sharing your green thumbs- your’e right- nothing is more yummy than something fresh from your own garden. Best healthy regimen you can ever do for yourself. Love to you both.

  3. Rhonda Says:

    Thanks guys for another great video!

  4. holly caron Says:

    Oh my gosh you 2 never cease to amaze me! And my bro GARDENING
    SERIOUSLY? Im so proud considering I know nothing! How can you possibly tell those plants apart? Your awesome! LOVE YA!!

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