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Best Way to Start the Day…. Magical Fruit Bowl September 6, 2010

Holy Panini Dragon Fruit!!!! Way to start the day! It was such a beautiful Maui morning here and we have our friend Michelle visiting from San Diego… so we are immersing her into Mother Maui. We started early with a green smoothie and a beach walk on Baldwin Beach, took a nice dunk in the salt water then enjoyed some powerful Power Yoga outside on our lanai, followed by this delectable tropical treat!!!! It was an amazing morning. She absolutely loved it! And Im still freeking over this magical fruit bowl.

This is by far the BEST tropical fruit bowl I have ever tasted! Chris made it for us with LOTS o’ LOVE as you can tell . This tropical treat had SO much succulent yumminess, I couldn’t resist a photo and a post! Isn’t it just GORGEOUS!!!!! I am sooo thankful and grateful. I will list the recipe for you it is worth tracking down the ingredients. Even if you have to come and get them. 🙂

We have been aiming to eat mostly local foods and we did pretty good on this dish. Its harder than you realize but we are pretty lucky living here on this bountiful tropical island. A lot came from our property or from our friends properties.

This particular bowl included ~

  • Panini lime lilikoi base (blended and strained)
  • banana
  • papaya
  • a crazy Maui apple/pear thingy??? dont know name?
  • dragon fruit (the hot pink stuff)
  • fresh sliced coconut and fresh mint!!!!

It was THE perfect sweet hydration after that power yoga.

Here is Michelle and me at the beach~

Heres wishing you a beauteous day, too.

Lots of love,

Chris & Sara & Michelle


3 Responses to “Best Way to Start the Day…. Magical Fruit Bowl”

  1. Norma Says:

    Good Morning Kids- oh boy- what a yummy fruit salad, Chris- a real treat for the eyes, you know we eat with the eyes 1st!. I just know Michelle is having a blast. My grandson and his family are being transferred to new Naval base today in San Diego, he’s been to Iraq twice now, and has been based in the Calif. dessert for past two years, now back to a near water city lol. You made my mouth water Chris- so guess I’ll make my salad this morning- I use orange juice, coconut milk, and juice of 1/2 lemon as my base- cut up- apples,mango,banana,plums and coconut, tear fresh mint leaves from my garden, daughter Diana planted the mint for me this year. Well Kids- take care- Love from Norma

  2. jo mama Says:

    yummy! i would like to wake up to that every morning. You two girls look beautious!!!

  3. Sam Sugura Says:

    Man I miss that place!!! Sure wish Cali had those fruits at my finger tips.

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