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Magical Mangosteen Madness~ January 3, 2011

Magical Mangosteen Tasting

Click Pic to watch VIDEO

OMG This is our new FAVE!!! We finally got to try the REAL, FRESH magical fruit called Mangosteen…. Mmmmm … Totally delicious and supper healthy! Of course we filmed it for you so can see it for yourself…. you just don’t see these very often.

Check it out! Click the picture…

If you can get your hands on some of these I suggest you do and PLANT the seeds PLEASE!!!!  We need more of these growing!


Lots of Love,



5 Responses to “Magical Mangosteen Madness~”

  1. Rhonda aka Runda Says:

    Great bit of history on that fruit — Thanks for your wisdom.

  2. jo mama Says:

    I cant wait to try the mangosteen when I come there in Feb. yeah!!!love you!!!!!

  3. Norma Says:

    Aloha Kids, the mangosteen looks fantastic, I was talking to my Daughter (Diana,Ohio) about you this morning, and lol she said- “oh my gosh, that reminds me I have some in my freezer ” lol she’s going to dig them out lol. You both look fantastic by the way- healthy- happy- and bushy tailed. Nothing like being able to get really- fresh produce- I envy ya . Well kids- ty for the lesson on the mangosteen- I love learning new things- take care my Dears- always- Norma

  4. cdo Says:

    Can we buy some mangosteen from your garden?
    Or where can we buy them in Maui?

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