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About Us February 3, 2010

We are two fun loving souls living on the beautiful island of Maui. We love nature and adventure so its perfect for us here! We just want to share the fun things we do and the cool stuff we are always learning. Man, life is pretty amazing!

We have many interests:

Adventuring, painting, music, farming, culinary, sewing, LOVE, jewelry and clothing design, website design, scuba diving, sky diving, the moon, space, quantum physics, hiking, outdoors, nature, fishing, computers, family, friends, flowers, photography, passion, camping, beauty, the beach, marshall arts, precious stones, art, biomimicry, writing, yoga, learning, history, natures systems, biking, water skiing, repelling, surfing, exploring, sea shells, jelly fish, longevity, health, self healing, quality life, fresh air, clean water, meaningful relationships, solar, wind and wave energy, healing energy, nutrition, expressing gratitude, psychology, raw food, exercise, ocean, building, architecture, engineering, wildlife, light spectrum, minerals, reading…

Just to name a few.

But ultimately we just strive to create an amazing, fun, loving, healthy, happy, life together here on Earth! Come and join us…


8 Responses to “About Us”

  1. John Simon Says:

    Hey crazy kids….

    Thanks for the call the other day and I’m sorry I missed you. I will call to catch up on Thursday. Miss you both.


  2. natalya Says:

    Do you have kids?

  3. J. Lennon Says:


  4. Christine Says:

    Wow back at home in Fort McMurray and do we ever miss Maui and our visits with you two special people!
    We are actually still dreaming some nights that we are in Maui but then the alarm goes off…yuck.
    You know we are coming back soon. John, Christine, Alysha and Marisa

    Keep smiling and doing what you are doing…it makes you so memorable.

  5. Jocelyn Says:

    Just found your blog and we LOVE it, we have been dreaming about moving to maui for some time now and we believe in, and have the same interest as the two of you. it seems like a sign to find this..Thanks so much for sharing such love. Hope to have a blog going soon so you can check it out too! 🙂 Jocelyn and Kristijan

  6. daniel coltart Says:

    Danny and Missy you guys are so cool.

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