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The Best Place for a Nap… August 31, 2010

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We had a BEAUTIFUL Rain Forest adventure the other day in the magical Iao Valley, which in Hawaiian translates to “Cloud Supreme”….  This gorgeous stream cut valley gets over 360 inches of rain per year!! It is so green and lush and WET!!! 🙂  We love it! There is great hiking and swimming and we ended up heading upstream without a paddle… LOL.
We even had a nap on a rock!! The best nap I’ve had in 10 years!!! Seriously. Hope this vid gives you a little taste of the serenity…
The stream and all the trees and even surprise freaky fancy flowers!!! It is purely heaven here!
Lots of love to you~
Chris & Sara
~Click the Picture for video link~

Tow In Surfing at Jaws July 12, 2010

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No it wasn’t us surfing those waves!!! LOL~

Man time flies!! Here is a fun hike we did last winter, when Jaws had a small break going on. Jaws is where they surf HUGE waves here on the North Shore of Maui. (Only during the winter time though.) We had hiked down into the gulch at Peahi Bay and caught a glimpse of the guys practicing Tow In Surfing with the jet skis.

Check out the close call they had!!!! What a beautiful spot, too!  Hope you enjoy ~

WATCH VIDEO – Click below

Peahi (Jaws) Maui – A Little Hike

Chris & Sara