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Grow Your Own Food August 24, 2010

Aloha! Having fun in the garden again…

We just planted a ton O’ seeds the other day. I love growing our own food. Not only is it so freeeekin tasty, Whoa! It is just sooo awesome to watch as you place a tiny little miniscule seed into dirt, add water and some sunshine (and love) and it transforms before your very eyes into a large beauteous LIVING nutrition providing plant!!!! I am just astounded! 🙂

We planted lettuce, purple cabbage, kale, 3 different chards, tomato, broccoli, collards, cilantro, chiles, and even a few different flowers. We also transplanted lilikoi, mint, papayas, night blooming jasmine and lavender. It is amazing how easy it really is. We filled some containers with dirt, poked a few holes into it and filled em with seeds! Within a week we will see sprouts on some of them. I can’t believe how fast they grow – and soon we get enjoy the yumminess and make some amazing food with our bounty!

Click below for video

We made a little video to share as we planted and transplanted~ hope you enjoy~

Lots of love ~ Chris & Sara


Welcome to Our Garden! July 14, 2010

Garden Tour Videos

Click each picture for Parts 1 & 2

Garden Video Part 1 of 2

Aloha! Welcome to Hohani Gardens!!!

We are sooo excited to share our garden with you. It has been our growing baby for the last year. LOL!

We have a 2 part Garden Tour for you.  Part 1 is the garden a few days ago. Part 2 is our first day in our garden, almost 1 year ago….

We have had soo much fun and have learned so much. We had no idea what we were getting into when we first started this treck about a year ago. At the first place that we lived here on Maui, we built a small box garden and had great success with tomatoes, tons of salad greens, kale, herbs, beets, carrots etc. Although, we only lived there for about 2 mos. and only maintained it for a short time after. That was our first experience in the garden.

So Hohani Garden (above) is where we have been the last year. 🙂 And this is like our first real garden. Before now, I could barely keep my house plants alive and the only food I have ever grown was a chia pet! And I didnt even KNOW (chia) was food at that time!  Chris gardened as a child with his mom and sisters, so he had some knowledge. But we have seriously learned everything as we go.

It  really began a few years ago when we started cleaning up our food choices. Eliminating processed foods was the goal. After awhile, we realized we were buying the majority of our groceries at the Farmers Market. -McClendons in Old Town Scottsdale- (Wonderful Farmers Market if you are in the area). We pretty much ate produce. And since we already knew we were to live in Maui, we began to get REALLY excited to GROW OUR OWN FOOD!! Thats all we knew. We could hardly wait. So thats why we built the first garden even though we knew it was temporary. We had get our hands in the dirt. ASAP.

So this garden has already grown through a few rounds and has morphed plenty of times. We just started with planting the food that we were buying regularly. And every once in a while you will get a surprise garden plant that you never planted. I love it! We also started collecting seeds of all of our favorite organic fruits n veggies that we would eat anywhere. It is so awesome! We have quite a collection already. Now we just need the perfect seed saving device! We have seeds EVERYWHERE!!!

Originally the gardens were mostly overgrown with weeds when we first got here. So, we started by cleaning each bed out . Part 2 Video is the very first day we worked in our garden and you will see the overgrowth that we started with…  and the little bit of paradise that we uncovered! It felt sooo nice to clear all that out and start fresh. We did get a few plants to start with. Check it out!

Garden Video Part 2-

A video of our first days in the garden

We are curious if you are growing any of the food that you eat currently?

If you are not growing anything, why not? At the least you can have some house plants, a.k.a salad greens, tomatoes and herbs. They are easy and dont require a ton of space. I never knew!

It is not that hard and sooo rewarding to not only know where your food comes from, but to actually bond with your food as it grows and until you eat it. It really is fascinating. I had no idea what a lot of my food looked like growing!! That was scary for me. And I am constantly learning of the amazing amount of varieties of fruits n veggies that we never hear of. Not to mention WILD EDIBLES…. MMMmmmmm…. There is sooo much food out there,  we tend to forget there is more than the isle at the grocery store.

Thats why we had to share our garden with you! We hope it inspires you to start with just one edible plant around your house, if you don’t already have one or have a garden.

If we can do it, so can you!

We love you tons n tons! Have an awesome day!

Chris & Sara


Tow In Surfing at Jaws July 12, 2010

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No it wasn’t us surfing those waves!!! LOL~

Man time flies!! Here is a fun hike we did last winter, when Jaws had a small break going on. Jaws is where they surf HUGE waves here on the North Shore of Maui. (Only during the winter time though.) We had hiked down into the gulch at Peahi Bay and caught a glimpse of the guys practicing Tow In Surfing with the jet skis.

Check out the close call they had!!!! What a beautiful spot, too!  Hope you enjoy ~

WATCH VIDEO – Click below

Peahi (Jaws) Maui – A Little Hike

Chris & Sara


Butterfly Effect June 16, 2010

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A couple of months ago I experienced an awesome water event that took place here on the North Shore of Maui. A friend of ours Tatiana Howard, together with her friend  Juliana Shelef, holds an event, a” worldwide water woman movement – promoting women and ocean sports”.  The Butterfly Effect basically brings women together FOR TONS O FUN celebrating the love of the ocean and watersports !! There are women of all ages and skill sets that get together for a group joy ride down the coast!! It is sooo awesome!  I did the Stand Up Paddle board but there were windsurfers and kitesurfers as well.

We all gathered at Hookipa Beach in the morning for some good stretching, a Hawaiian Blessing, a release of butterflies, and then took a paddle (or a kite or a sail) down the beach to Kanaha. Since it was windy and wavy that day we decided to launch at Sprecks instead. I had an absolute blast!!! It was gnarly though!! You can’t tell from the pics… it looks all serene, but it was hard! There is a current, waves, and wind!

Seing as we have only paddled for fun in mellow conditions, this was a big deal for me. I almost didnt go at the last minute, but I am sooooooo glad I did!

Thanks to the photographers  Nate Volk, Batel Shimi, Jimmie Hepp and Dan Rayburn; by helicopter, Kevin Pritchard; and video from both land and sea, Jonas Marpot.

MAHALO  for the great pics. You guys really captured the joy we all experienced that day!

I put together a little vid of the day.  Enjoy~          

I just think it is so awesome to see women putting together events like these! Tatiana did a great job putting this together.  You can check out her site here:


The Butterfly Effect began in Hawaii in 2007 by water women, Tatiana Howard and Juliana Shelef.  Since then, the founders have flown around the world to organize affiliated events in Brazil, New Zealand, France, Oregon, Germany, Tahiti, Dominican Republic and Australia, and hundreds of international women have joined the movement…

More info here:


Wishing you a beautiful day~

Lots of Love~ Sara

PS- Check out the shot of this Monarch Butterfly I got in Hana one day!!!        


Sunset in the Clouds-Haleakala Crater May 24, 2010

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Hello friends and scenic nature lovers! I have a beautiful video for you. (Click on the sunset above to view player) We took Chris’s mom and her hubby for a drive up Haleakala Crater a few weeks ago for a sunset above the clouds. Don’t be fooled. This is Maui like you never expected. It feels like you are on another planet up there! It was FREEZING cold and there was high wind advisory! Whew! The top is 10,0oo feet. And the sunset from here is spectacular. Its like an ocean of clouds…

Enjoy it with us~

Love Chris & Sara

PS- You can expand the video full screen after you have opened the video, by clicking the 4 arrows below it on the right. 🙂


How to Make Noni Juice from “The Tree of Life” May 12, 2010

So we have recently come across an interesting fruit here on Maui. Its history is rich and varied. It is called Noni. And it goes back as far as 2,000-3,000 years. Ancient Polynesians knew this tree as “The Tree of Life” and is very treasured as a healing tonic. It has a slew of health benefits that are used on ailments that range from cough, nausea and sprain, to bone fractures, dislocations, skin disorders, hypertension, stomach ache, diabetes, loss of appetite, urinary tract ailments, abdominal swelling, hernias, and vitamin A deficiencies. And many more!!!

It is highly regarded in the Hawaiian tradition. There is a ton of intriguing info out there on Noni. But be cautious of using any sugary, fruity noni concoctions. The healing benefits are in the bark, leaves, fruit and 100% juice of the Noni.

We actually went through the entire process of picking, fermenting and finally tasting the Noni. A process that takes 2 months! We had to share this most fascinating tropical fruit. Thanks to our friend Troy for letting us pick from his tree! 🙂 Mahalo!        And enJOY~

<—–Chris eating from the Noni Tree of Knowledge-

PS- If you click on the 4 arrows below the video, it will enlarge to Full Screen- Press Esc to minimize it back.


Garden Harvest & Raw Recipe for Creamy Tomato Basil Soup- May 10, 2010

Aloha! Well we had a beautiful harvest  from our garden. Fennel, Carrots, Beets and tons o’ greens! We also had a huge ration of tomatoes. So I decided to make a quick and easy, DELICIOUS Creamy Tomato Soup. It was so yummy and simple, that I figured I had to share it with you.

I used some dulce seaweed for a mineral rich saltiness and avo for the creamy heartiness. A little touch of fresh basil, and topped with licorice like fennel seeds.  Mmmmm.

I used:

  • Large bunch of tomatoes
  • 1/4 Large Avocado
  • 2 Tbs lemon juice (oops and a few seeds)
  • 6 or so leaves of basil
  • Small handful of Dulse Seaweed (Raw Wildcrafted- I used Earth Circle Foods) You can order it and more yummy nutritious food staples at http://www.therawfoodworld.com/  We love this store and the owners are amazing.
  • 1/2 Cup Water
  • Pinch of Seasalt (be careful here depending on how much seaweed you used)
  • A few dashes of Volcano Spice or cayenne seasoning

Put all that in the blender and blend until it gets to the consistency you like. Top it off with a drizzle of EVOO, fennel seeds, a touch of dulse flakes and a few sprigs of fresh basil.

It literally took me longer to write this recipe than to make it. Let me know if you try it and what you think.

Hopefully we will post more this week for you, as we have a TON of great stuff to share with you. We have had some amazing hikes, beaches, trip to Hana, Haleakala Crater, Taro Festival and more! I will put together some slideshows and get them up asap! I know some of you are feenin for your Maui blast. Sorry to keep ya hangin’! Just catching up on house chores, gardening etc.

Chris’s Mom and her hubby Don came to stay with us from Arizona, so we got to play around a bit!! Whooo hoo!!! That was a fun trip and glad you guys made it out for a little rest and rejuvenation~ON MAUI~

Love –
Chris & Sara