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Sara Bella Maui-Sara’s Creations February 22, 2010

Camo Bella SarongI am so fortunate to live on the beautiful island of Maui. Living here and living the island lifestyle undoubtedly sparked my curiosity to find a more luxurious, comfortable clothing option as I moved between the beach, work and my evenings.

I really fell in love with the sarong… the ease, versatility, comfort. What a wonderful solution! However, I was finding it somewhat difficult to find more than a brightly colored, busy printed, oversized piece of fabric. I was wanting something a little more feminine, simple, yet luxurious and versatile. I simply wanted more than what was available in stores and boutiques.

So Sara Bella Maui was born…


Inspired by the traditional sarong, transformed to a whole new level of elegant style and comfort.

I began to create wraps that would compliment my bikini during the day, then transition into an evening outfit with ease.

Seeking the most succulent silks and luscious fabrics I could find, I put together a unique line of wraps and scarves. I later created Baby Blankets, Beach Throws, Bags, Eye Pillows and more….

I invite you to indulge yourself in a Sara Bella and feel the difference.

I offer a wide range of styles and sizes.

Custom pieces are also available . If you have a special event and you would like something luxurious and unique and made especially for you, contact me.

I put a lot of love into every sarong made.

Not just for the beach anymore…

All about luxury and comfort.

Check out my website and store:  www.sarabellamaui.com I hope you love!

Need a great Baby Shower gift?? The Baby Bella Blankets are always a HIT!!!

Gift Certificates are available-

If you know someone who would love SaraBella Maui, please forward my link! I greatly appreciate it~




One Response to “Sara Bella Maui-Sara’s Creations”

  1. daniel coltart Says:

    On valentines day I bought some panini juice for Missy and after sampling we googled nutritional properties for panini and boom there’s Chris blending away. Missy likes your line of scarfs. We had a good time checking out your site. Danny and Missy

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